Trails & Flavors

Portugal: “Trails & Flavors”
This product aims to combine the pleasure of driving a motorcycle with the national culture.  Called “Trails & Flavors” in this program we propose activities for couples. The men (represented with letter M) will perform the experience of motorcycle riding. In the other hand, women (represented with letter W) will make visits to the region.
This product have the price of 1600€ per client



1st  day:

  • Transportation of clients from Oporto airport to Hotel (M / W)
  • Welcoming cocktail at the pool of the hotel- Briefing (M/W)
  • Dinner at the hotel next to Douro River (M/W)


2nd day:

  • Breakfast (M/W)
  • Transportation of men in a minibus to the Bianchi Prata Center (M)
  • Transportation of women in a minibus to Régua region (W)
  • 1st day of ride- 91km of trails at nice floor with the view at the Douro River (M)
  • Lunch on the trail (M)
  • Lunch at the restaurant with the amazing view at Douro River (W)
  • Journey to the past at the historical steam train, wine tasting and typical singing (W)
  • Ending of the first day of ride at the Régua hotel (M/W)


3rd day:

  • Breakfast (M/W)
  • 2nd day of ride – 85km of mountain trills (M)
  • Transportation of women in minibus to Pinhão- Vila Real (W)
  • Lunch at Vinhateira de Favaios village with wine tasting (Tinto, Douro and olive oil) (M/W)
  • Visit the Provesende village visiting local craft stores (W)
    Ending the second day of ride ate the hotel Vila Real (M/W)
  • Cocktail party with degustation of sausages/ wines at the hotel pool – Briefing (M/W)


4th day:

  • Breakfast (M/W)
  • 3rd day of ride – 80 km of trails in the natural park of Alvão (M)
  • Women transportation in minibus to Amrante
  • Lunch on the trail (M)
  • Lunch at restaurant next to Tamega river (W)
  • Afternoon of SPA with skin treatments and massage (W)
  • End of 3rd day of ride at Amarante hotel (M)
  • Cocktail party with wine and cheese tasting at the hotel pool – Briefing (M/W)
  • Dinner at Hotel (M/W)


5th day:

  • Breakfast (M/W)
  • 4th day of ride- 50km of World Rally trails (M)
  • Visit to the monuments and local craft stores (W)
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Livração (M/W)
  • End of 4th ride day at the Bianchi Prata Center (M)
    Visit the typical shops ate the historical center of Oporto (W)
  • Tasting of Port wine in Caves (M/W)
  • Boat trip on the Douro River (M/W)
  • Dinner with wine and tapas tasting- private party (M/W)
  • Overnight in Hotel next to Douro River (M/W)


6th day:

  • Breakfast (M/W)
  • Walking in the Oporto city (M/W)
  • End of trails and flavor tours (M/W)

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